Best Electric Mountain Bikes 2018

A Review of the 4 Best Electric Mountain Bikes 

Electric mountain bikes are becoming more and more popular these days. Although the US market is a little behind the one in Europe, these pedal-assist bikes are surely catching on. If you are new to electric mountain bikes, they are much like regular mountain bikes, except they have electric motors that provide power to the pedals. This helps the rider get through tough terrain or bike for longer distances than they could on their own.

Height and Weight Limits

Most electric bikes for adults have ample height and weight limits that can accommodate a wide range of people. A weight limit within 250 and 300 pounds is common for most electric mountain bikes. Height is often a concern for those who are very short or very tall. I’ve found bikes suitable for people as short as 5 foot 2 inches and as tall as 6 foot 8 inches. Bike manufacturers have worked hard to accommodate as many different body types as possible. This is one of many reasons why an electric bicycle can be ridden by a lot of people who would not otherwise be able to ride a standard manual bike.


In most cases, any electric bike you purchase will come with a warranty. How good the warranty depends on the manufacturer. Make sure you find out what kind of warranty each bike you are considering comes with, how long the warranty lasts and what is included with it. The last thing you want is to purchase a bike that has a very short-term limited warranty that does not cover repairs or defects.

Folding Bikes

There are many electric bikes on the market that can be folded. This makes it easier to transport them or store them in small spaces. This is another major thing to consider if you have a small vehicle with no bike rack or live in a small home or apartment. A folding bike can make all the difference in these cases. Especially since it is best to store electric bikes indoors away from the elements.

Battery Life

Since electric bikes are powered by electric motors, they obviously require batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are the most popular choice with today’s electric bike makers. Voltage is usually either 36 volt or 48 volts. The difference in voltage typically means that a bike with a 48-volt battery and a higher watt motor will have higher speeds and accelerate more quickly. In either case, lithium-ion batteries usually take between 3-6 hours to fully charge from an empty state, and some can allow you to ride up to 35 miles on a single charge, depending on rider weight, terrain, and voltage.

Bikes usually come with their chargers, or you can always buy one separately from the manufacturer or a third party. You have to consider the battery life when researching the right electric mountain bike for you. If you are a long-distance rider, you will definitely either want to get a bike with a long-lasting battery or purchase more than one battery for your bike.


The price you are willing to pay for your electric bike can be the most important factor in determining which bike you choose. Most quality electric mountain bikes range from $600 to $3000 and up. More expensive bikes tend to come with more bells and whistles or choices in design/color. They may also have higher quality components than the cheaper alternatives, but not necessarily.

It is completely possible to find a $600 bike and a $2000 bike with the same specifications and components of the same or similar quality. The price difference may just come down to brand name and where the bike is manufactured.

Electric Bike Classes

There are three classes of electric bikes: Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. Class 1 bikes can reach a top speed of 20 miles an hour. The motor only starts to work when you are pedaling, so it is great for increasing your power. Class 2 bikes come with a throttle and also can reach a top speed of 20 miles an hour. Bikes in the Class 3 category can reach speeds up to 28 miles an hour.

At this time, the US government categorizes e-bikes as motorized vehicles. This means that they cannot be ridden on some public trails. You’ll need to be careful and check the laws in your area before riding. Despite the restrictions, many people are hopping aboard the electric bike bandwagon. If that includes you, read on for my review of the four best electric mountain bikes on Amazon.

1. Ancheta Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike with Removable Lithium-Ion Battery

Based out of Los Angeles, Ancheta is considered the top manufacturer of electric bikes. They’ve been in business for about ten years and strive to provide efficient and high-quality products at affordable prices. With that said, it’s not hard to see why this Ancheer bike is the bestselling electric mountain bike on Amazon.

The Ancheer Power Plus is made out of carbon steel and aluminum alloy. It also has a 21-speed transmission that can be customized. You can choose to ride it with or without the pedal assistance. The wheels are 26-inch aluminum alloy.

This bike has a top speed of 25 miles and hour can be ridden off-road and has a super quiet motor. It has disc brakes on the front and the rear, in addition to a horn and LED headlamp for use when riding at night. These are great features that will help keep you safe.

The Ancheer Power Plus has a full length of 64.4 inches, an adjustable seat height of 30.4 to 39 inches, 26.7-inch handlebars and a weight of 20 kilograms. The weight limit for a rider and their gear is 150 kilograms.

The 36 volt 8AH lithium-ion battery requires a 4 to 6-hour charge and can be removed. It’s about the size of a conventional thermos bottle. A smart lithium battery charger is included with the bike, as well as a tool kit.

The level of pedal assisting the bike offers can be changed to high, mid and low. The bike can also be put into a complete electric mode. In this mode, you would simply use the throttle to control the speed.

All-in-all, this is a top quality bike that comes highly recommended from customers on Amazon.

2. Addmotor MOTAN M150 Folding 20 Inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle with 500W 48V Lithium Battery

Addmotor has been in business since 2006. They started out selling motorcycle parts and fairings. They eventually got into the electric bike business. The company promises to continue researching and creating even better bikes in the future.

The Addmotor MOTAN M150 Folding Electric Bike can reach speeds of up to 23 miles an hour and typically lasts for 40 to 55 miles with each charge when using Level One Assist. Charging time for the durable Samsung battery is about 3 to 4 hours, and the charger is included. The display is a 5 inch LED screen. The bike can be ridden manually as well. The weight limit for a rider plus gear is 300 pounds, and it can support a rider with heights between 5 feet 2 inches and 6 feet 6 inches.

This is a folding bike, so it has a frame, top-tube, and pedals that can be collapsed for easy portability or storage. It comes with front and rears TEKTRO disc brakes and a seven-speed Shimano transmission system. The 500W brushless motor is great for climbing and difficult terrain.

The Addmotor MOTAN M150 is made of aluminum alloy, has 20-inch Kenda Fat Tires and weighs 67 pounds. It does not have a suspension system. However, the bike can be ridden in virtually any terrain, including snow.

Although the Addmotor MOTAN M150 is much pricier than many other comparable bikes, it does have great characteristics that make it worth the price.

3. Crusher Extrabici XF660 Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Crusher Cycling World, also known as Shenzhen Crusher Technology Co., is a China-based bicycle manufacturer. They have been selling their products online since 2013, and their brands include Crusher, KingTTU, Extrbici, and VTSP. Crusher’s factories are located in Shenzhen city and Tianjin city.

The Crusher Extrabici XF660 comes with a 500-watt motor and a 48-volt lithium battery. Due to regulations, the battery is shipped separately from the bike. It has a top speed of 25 miles an hour and can last about 30 to 35 miles on a single charge. Other features include dual disc brakes as well as full suspension.

This bike is made of aluminum alloy and weighs in at about 56 pounds. It has 26-inch rims and 28-inch wheels, in addition to a front suspension system. Due to another regulation, the bike’s tires will likely be deflated when it arrives. It is a safety issue imposed by the carrier because the bike is shipped by air. Having pressurized air in the tires could cause technical issues with the airplane.

This is a solid bike and customers on Amazon have enjoyed it. If you have no problem with inflating the tires yourself and doing your partial assembly, then you may want to consider the Crusher Extrabici XF660.

The Crusher Extrabici XF660 is great in all terrain. No matter if you’re riding on wet rocks, muddy trails or a snow-covered hill, the XF660 can handle it.

4. E-go Bike 26″ Fat Tire Mountain Bike

There is not a lot of information online about E-Go Bike USA, but the California-based company has been in operation for eight years and only has one factory that produces all of their bikes. They pride themselves on their innovative design and commitment to continual design upgrades.

The E-go Bike 26″ Fat Tire Mountain Bike has a top speed of 20 miles an hour and a durable 500-watt motor. It can sustain a rider weighing up to 260 pounds. As you can see, this bike has a lower top speed and weight limit than the other bikes on the list. However, it is still a top quality bike for a lighter rider who is also looking for a bike with a lower speed. It can support rider heights ranging from 5 feet 6 inches to 6 feet eight inches. The weight of the bike itself is 62 pounds.

The bike has a fully aluminum frame, 26″ inch tires, and rear disc brakes. It does have a 1/2 twist throttle and a seven-speed Shimano gear system. The 36 volt 11AH lithium battery has a charging time of six hours and can last for up to 25 miles on a single clip.

This bike is well-liked by customers, and many reviewers say the E-Go Bike is the best bike they have ever owned. It is worth considering.

These are just 4 of the electric mountain bikes available on Amazon. I encourage you to continue your research to find the best bike for you. There are many things to contemplate when purchasing an electric bike, such as what speeds you are looking for, the power of the motor, battery life, weight limits, tire size, safety features, ease of use and much more.

If you are new to electric bikes, you should find out what you truly need in a bike before purchasing one. You may want to visit a store in person to test drive a few different models. Take note of what features you do and do not enjoy. It will then be easier to find a bike that fits both your riding style and your physical criteria.

I hope you found my review helpful. Be sure to take a glimpse at these four electric mountain bikes on your own and conduct your research. Only you can decide which bike is truly right for you. Happy riding!